Daily hair care, combined with a full-fledged, balanced diet can have a positive effect on slowing down effects of greying. However, we must constantly observe what is going on on the top our head. Do not panic when you notice the first grey hair – it’s better to enjoy the fact that you still have perfect eyesight, rather than hysterically look for a way to get rid of grey hair. However, when this phenomenon is disturbing, it is worth using one of the following methods, or combining them to multiply the effect.

The role of melanin in hair greying

Each of us knows some factors causing the greying hair – we will try to combine stereotypes and clues today into one, coherent whole. Grey hair is a real problem in society, although there is no universal, super effective way to deal with this problem. Grey hair in women is definitely a bigger „disaster” than in men. It is popularly stated, that while white highlights add gentleness and masculinity to men, they are an inexorable sign of passing years and a reason for complexes for some ladies.

Melanin, a pigment that affects the color of the skin and hair, is responsible for everything. Melanocytes, melanin-producing cells, are quite sensitive to biochemical and external factors. The level of melanin decreases, e.g. with chronic stress, irregular sleep, unbalanced diet, or alcohol, nicotine or coffee abuse. However, this is a secondary cause of greying. How quickly grey hair shall appear on our heads is determined mainly by our genes. So if we want to know our destiny, it’s worth looking at the heads of our parents or grandparents. There is a good chance that greying will happen to you as quickly as it did with your ancestors.

Shampoos for grey hair

Progressive greying can be used as an asset if we only care for it. Grey hair should not be cut out or, even worse, coloured regularly. It is better to invest in a shampoo for grey hair. Such a shampoo will nourish the hair and scalp, add shine and fluffiness to the hair, slightly darkening it (due to the phytopigments contained in it). Well-groomed grey hair can be an asset of many images – but you need to have a lot of courage and self-confidence to decide on such a step, especially if you are affected by grey hair at a young age.

Anti grey hair liquid

Premature greying can be reversed naturally. An example of effectiveness is the Polish product – GR-7 Professional liquid for grey hair. It is applied to the scalp to nourish it and stimulate melanocytes to produce melanin. Effect? After about a month of use, grey hair returns to its natural color. GR-7 Professional is a natural product. Its formula is based on an extract of wild herbs. For the first month, when the restoration phase occurs (grey hair first turns yellowish, to gradually take on a natural color), the liquid for grey hair should be applied up to 2 times a day. It can be a bit tiring because washing or drying the head is not recommended. However, taking into account the effect of such treatment – it is definitely worth it!

Take care of yourself

What we can definitely recommend to stop greying hair is first and foremost proper hygiene of life. You should sleep well and avoid stress, and apply a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. A good way is supplementation with the use of B vitamins B and E, zinc, selenium or herbal preparations, e.g. with nettle or horsetail extracts.