The situation with grey hair is similar to the fat deposition here and there – when we notice it, it is too late to work. And while we can eliminate slight overweight by diet and perseverance in training, grey hair is an extremely difficult challenge. At a young age, greying hair simply cuts our wings and gives up hope for a satisfying image. Is there any solution for this? There are several ways, decide for yourself which one suits you best!

Grey hair colouring

This is the first thing that comes to our minds. While ladies consider this option first, grey hair in men is a completely different story. Women can colour grey hair as a pretext to change their image. For men, dyeing hair at a young age is simply … embarrassing. Gentlemen do not like paint and there is nothing unusual about it.

Greying hair in women is, therefore, a problem that is a bit easier to solve with the help of paint, but it is also definitely harder to reconcile with white highlights to women than men. Grey hair at a young age is easy to cover with colour, but … unfortunately, from now on we will be forced to constantly and regularly apply paint to maintain the aesthetic effect. This involves costs, somewhat limits the choice of hairstyle and in the long run, destroys the hair structure. Do we recommend such a solution? Grey hair covered with colour is a battle with the effects, not the reasons for this. There are other solutions.

GR-7 a product for grey hair

For many people, grey hair is a curse from which there is no escape. There are two options left, dye or put up with greying. What if there is a third option? It is enough to trace the biological conditions of man a bit to find out the cause of greying. And it is a low level of melanin in the scalp. As in many cases, here too, by using natural nutrients, you can affect the level of pigment. Effect? Melanin synthesis translates back to natural hair colour. No, it’s not magic – it’s science!

GR-7 Professional is a Polish product whose formula is based on an extract of wild herbs. Liquid for grey hair is applied to the scalp, which nourishes it and stimulates the production of melanin. Approximately 7 days after application, grey hair becomes golden. Then after 25-30 days in the past, grey hair already has its natural colour. The grey hair GR-7 Professional product is safe, not allergic, does not contain harmful chemicals and has not been tested on animals. This is an excellent product for everyone who wants to declare war on grey hair and is looking for the most effective weapon to win this battle for good.

GR-7 Professional is applied to the scalp for the first month at a frequency of about 2 times a day. After receiving a satisfactory effect, the product is applied only once a week to maintain optimal melanin levels.