Easy application and quick results!

At the beginning, GR-7 should be used at least once a day (for faster results you can use it twice - in the morning and evening). Changes can be noticed after 7 days of use. Depending on individual features, the return to natural colour takes between 14 to 21 days.


It has been confirmed by numerous people in several countries: GR-7 really works. But a person using it MUST BE SYSTEMATIC. Apply the liquid at least once a day. DO NOT WASH YOUR HAIR. This seems like a challenge, and it in fact, is. But the reward after a week or two is worth it. 


Before each use, you must shake the bottle well to mix the contents. The liquid should be rubbed into the dried scalp (not into the hair!). Immediately after application, you can not dry and brush your hair.

The First phase - return of the colour. The return to natural hair color can last from 7 to 21 days depending on the individual structure and condition of the hair and the thickness of the skin. It is reccommended to use GR-7  once, or twice a day (morning and evening). During rubbing (in the first phase) it is recommended to limit the washing of the head. For a quick effect, we do not wash the head at least for the first 4 days of using the product.

The second phase - to sustain the colour. After regaining the color, to fix the effect, use the liquid once or twice a week and remember to wash your hair at the earliest 12 hours after application. GR-7 is best rubbed in the evening, and the head washed in the morning the next day.

During the course of treatment, to make the progress more effective, it is recommended to: reduce the consumption of coffee, alcohol, as well as discontinuation of smoking.

 For dyed hair, wait for 2 cm growth of regrowth.

The effects of the liquid depend on the structure and condition of the hair. GR-7 Professional works gradually, changes take place in a natural way, but they DO happen.

The liquid has not beent tested on animals. It is not recommended for children. It must not be consumed. It can not be combined with dye or other treatments. Store at room temperature. Do not freeze.